the agnotheist point of view


if I did have a firm belief in God, I’d have a hard time reconciling the following two principles:

1. There is an omnipotent, omniscient and omnibenevolent deity, and man’s highest destiny is to fulfill His purpose

2. I routinely ignore what this deity says because my neighbors disagree

I can’t see how you can have any sort of meaningful faith and divorce it from your voting decisions. Religious faith is supposed to tell you, among other things, what is right and wrong. How are you supposed to vote without reference to your notions of goodness?


5 Responses

  1. I guess it is the same way they divorce the concept of a good god with people starving to death, genocide, rape, crack babies, etc…

    If there is a god he is either unable or unwilling to be good to billions of people in need upon the Earth.

  2. Hey Tom,

    Thanks for dropping by. I appreciate your comment. Unfortunately, I think your duality might be missing at least one other option.

  3. What that god wills ill on the world?

  4. that is one of the possibilities. there is at least one more.

  5. What if God’s conception of “good” is different than ours? What if God’s frame of reference for measuring “good” is different than ours? What if God’s timeline for determining “good” is different than ours?

    Why would God be bound to follow a finite human being’s conception of “good”?

    How about the possibility of God perhaps allowing things to go “bad” (from the point of view of our limited finite human perspective) temporarily in order to maximize the number of persons who respond to His call?

    How about the possibility that God allows suffering and pain in order for us to feel in a very real way how He feels when we disregard Him in every area of our lives?

    Just some possibilities.

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