Steve figured out the right way to do church

Steve Bradley figured it out. The right way to do church. the whole thing is such an excellent post. here is a bit of it:

What if local congregations were seen as the various parts of Christ’s body, and not just individuals? Could it be that God expects each local gathering of believers to do church in a stunningly unique way — a way that makes the best redemptive connection within their context, using their unique backgrounds, collective potential, sense of calling, leadership leanings, desires, failures, triumphs, etc.?

Marlow was on the same trail last Friday. Check this out:

I would find my own story. I have a huge concern that many planters see some leader they admire and they want to duplicate that admired leaders story, You can’t…So don’t try. You can read, listen and learn from them. But you must find your voice.
God uses different scenarios to work in different ways. In the Evangelical West, we tend to get way to much credit to those in leadership and not enough credit to the work of the Holy Spirit.


2 Responses

  1. Do you think we make too much of this “Doing Church” stuff? Just askin’.

    I wonder if God just intended us to get together on a regular basis and we humans hung all the heavy baggage on it.

    Maybe “church” is just bearing with one another. Sin complicates everything, adding baggage and division to every human institution. Maybe we need to see the simplicity of it.

  2. I like the way you are thinking.

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