Bibles and blogs

I am kind of a nut about Bibles. Here are some links that some of you may be interested in, if you share my nuttiness in this area:

here is the ESV Bible Blog. It is a place where they make announcements of upcoming editions as well as news and reviews of the ESV version of the Bible.

And here is the freshly opened for business ESV Study Bible Blog. It is devoted to introducing the upcoming ESV Study Bible with samples and links to interviews of those involved in the work of makin the ESV Study Bible.

Here is Mark Bertrand’s Bible Design and Binding blog. Mark reviews bibles and posts pictures of them on here. Very well done and helpful if you are looking for a Bible.

as mentioned before, the Foolish Galatian also shares the Bible bug and posts reviews and pictures of them.

Logos, the maker of the Libronix system of Bible software products has a general blog and a site for macintosh users to download the latest Alpha version of their software.

Blue Letter Bible and Bible Gateway are free resources with a lot of useful stuff.

The thing is that we Christ followers have no excuse in this country at this time in history to be ignorant of the Bible. We are swimming in Bibles and resources to assist with their use.

II Timothy 3:16-17 says that all scripture was breathed out by God and is useful for the follower of God.

Do you believe that God breathed a book for you to know Him better? Do you really?


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