pop culture break

ok. I love me some Lileks. He is always fun to read, and the way he strings weaves words together is wonderful and wacky.

Today’s bleat is awesome. I mean it, totally awesome dude! In it, he asks this question and makes the assertion following thereafter:

Has the last quarter-century melted and congealed to form a primordial sea of media in which everything older than last week is somehow made equal?

I’ll make a strange assertion here, floated with no supporting evidence: if you’re in my demographic, and you were alive & and “hip” and “with-it” during the hullabaloo of the 80s, the culture of the 90s left very little impression on you, but the culture of the Aughts seemed more interesting and relevant. It’s as if we take a decade off after the bloom of youth has faded.

waddya think? are we drowning in a primordial media sea? feels that way sometimes to me. We watched Philadelphia Story with the kids a few months ago and they actually enjoyed it. We had a regular family date with Retro videos when we lived in Little Rock. The kids loved Take on Me and Safety Dance.

Do all of the last 30 to 100 years of media just blur together into a ball where all of it is the same as all the rest of it?


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