change the world?

Brad Abare has an article on Catalyst about why changing the world disturbs him. It is titled, reasonably enough, “Changing the World Disturbs Me”. In the article he makes this statement, “Lately, I’m beginning to think that this inclination for world changing is not only unhealthy, it’s also counter-productive. Perhaps the idea of “changing the world” has derailed a generation from actually accomplishing it.”

Turn that thought over in your mind a few times and chew on it a bit. What do you think? Is he on to something or has he lost his mind? Read the rest of his article and see how well he supports this thesis.

Yesterday morning in bible study we we made it up to Hebrews 13:4. That led to discussion of the fact that marriage is not held in honor by much of anyone in this culture and is under assault legally and culturally. The question then arose as to what we can do about this sad fact.

We talked about several things, but the conclusion was that mostly what we can do is hold our own individual marriages in honor. That we can keep our own marriage bed undefiled and we can “Occupy” till he comes. The word translated “occupy” in the KJV is pragmateuomai and it means to carry on with business.

the parable of the minas in Luke 19:11-27 is a very useful antidote to the “change the world” virus. Jesus told his disciples that their job was to do business with what he gave them until He returns to claim his kingdom. That is what we are supposed to do. Every single one of us can do that. We can be faithful to use diligently, practically, and constantly the resources that Jesus entrusted to us where we are in life.

Individually we are called to be faithful stewards. Collectively, christians who get a hold of and live that principle have the capacity to change the world, perhaps even to turn the world upside down.


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